Embedded Linux

In this fast developing industrial market, when it comes for embedded system, Linux has its giant application in creating embedded applications. Teaching Linux is far beyond the scope of a short article, but we can outline a road map to becoming acquainted with Linux on the desktop and talk about how this relates to Linux in an embedded environment. The important basic principles to familiarize yourself with are the command line, file system, directory structure, and process organization.

Topics Covered

  • OS Principles
  • Linux Basics – Linux System Architecture, Linux Command, Script Programming.
  • Linux System – Linux Booting, Boot loader, Device Driver, Kernel Modules.
  • Linux System Programming - Task, Inter Process Communication, Resource Management,Memory Management.
  • Linux Platform – PC, ARM Cortex, Beagle Bone, Raspberry PI.

Our Expertise

eSilicon Labs specializes in the design and development of embedded network and multimedia solutions on Embedded, DSP, and FPGA platforms. Our expertise includes requirement analysis, components selection, circuit design and software programming all the way through to implementation, testing and system integration.

Vision 2018

eSilicon Labs committed to provide minimum 500 highly trained embedded professionals to the Indian Industries by the year 2018. We are enhancing our reach to core Electronics & IT product companies to provide corporate training in Embedded System, Embedded Linux, DSP, VLSI, ARM Processors, Android Mobile Apps.

Vision 2020

eSilicon Labs core focus on IoT, Lighting Things, Smart Media Solutions, and Computer Vision Technologies. eSilicon Labs commuted to release Indian indigenous product solution on IoT, Lighting Things, computer vision based media control & media solution like smart board, smart signage, smart gaming technologies.