PCB Design

eSilicon Labs has adopted the electronic industry's best practices in PCB design, artwork, and manufacturing, which has lead to a high-quality, high-value customer experience, making our customers best in class in manufacturing circles.

eSilicon Labs professional team of experienced and skilled design experts can make valuable contributions towards customer product designs and enhancements, benefiting our end-customers by virtue of delivering a better and improved product.

We can provide you a well-defined Schematic to Gerber flow, Part Numbering, well-defined process documents and checklists for every stage.

Above all, eSilicon Labs is uniquely equipped to handle the specialized services listed below :

  • Schematics
  • Library Services
  • PCB Layout
  • Signal Integrity


  • Parts Procurement
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • PCB Design

Our Expertise

eSilicon Labs specializes in the design and development of embedded network and multimedia solutions on Embedded, DSP, and FPGA platforms. Our expertise includes requirement analysis, components selection, circuit design and software programming all the way through to implementation, testing and system integration.

Vision 2018

eSilicon Labs committed to provide minimum 500 highly trained embedded professionals to the Indian Industries by the year 2018. We are enhancing our reach to core Electronics & IT product companies to provide corporate training in Embedded System, Embedded Linux, DSP, VLSI, ARM Processors, Android Mobile Apps.

Vision 2020

eSilicon Labs core focus on IoT, Lighting Things, Smart Media Solutions, and Computer Vision Technologies. eSilicon Labs commuted to release Indian indigenous product solution on IoT, Lighting Things, computer vision based media control & media solution like smart board, smart signage, smart gaming technologies.