Our Products and solutions design provides the quality hardware and software real time applications to transmit the data with high and low resolution videosusing the multi streaming. Our IP video solution is the best in all for surveillance. The remote view client application is supported as per the requirements and the programs will be available in Smartphone (iPhone, Android), PC, Mac.

With ongoing experience in IP Video Surveillance design we bring value to our customers in versatile activities some of which are listed below:

IP Camera

IP cameras provided for security delivers a great deal of surveillance. IP cameras exceptionally transmit live video multi streaming for the remote users simple to most authorised multimedia application.

Video Server

Video server interfaces analog CCTV system into IP based surveillance solution independent of network infrastructure.Need one more line here.

Video Recording Server

Video recording server records the IP media data to built in HDD from IP Camera or Video server.Need two more line here. Text is good

Standalone Video Decoder

Decoder is a standalone device which stores the original video from Ethernet interfaced video from IP video transmitted from IP camera or video server. Simply connect the output video from the decoder to monitor to watch live video remotely. This supports all the standard video streams and outputs one full video signal to analogue CRT or LCD monitor.

Hardware NVR

Hardware NVR is significantly usedprovides recording solution of IP video from our IP camera and video server products. By providing recording solution close to your IP cameras, hardware network video recorder is a great choice for users who need robust and reliable recording solution without the risk of faulty external network.

Software and Server

As a total solution provider, we offer variety of software and server solutions including NVR-pro, Smart Phone Clients, DDNS Server, etc.

Our Expertise

eSilicon Labs specializes in the design and development of embedded network and multimedia solutions on Embedded, DSP, and FPGA platforms. Our expertise includes requirement analysis, components selection, circuit design and software programming all the way through to implementation, testing and system integration.

Vision 2018

eSilicon Labs committed to provide minimum 500 highly trained embedded professionals to the Indian Industries by the year 2018. We are enhancing our reach to core Electronics & IT product companies to provide corporate training in Embedded System, Embedded Linux, DSP, VLSI, ARM Processors, Android Mobile Apps.

Vision 2020

eSilicon Labs core focus on IoT, Lighting Things, Smart Media Solutions, and Computer Vision Technologies. eSilicon Labs commuted to release Indian indigenous product solution on IoT, Lighting Things, computer vision based media control & media solution like smart board, smart signage, smart gaming technologies.