Hardware Design

Hardware design is an essential part of designing an embedded product. The Hardware forms the heart of any embedded system, and a well designed hardware will be the key to build a competitive marketable product.eSilicon Labs’ Hardware Design group offers full turnkey hardware prototyping solutions.

Our hardware expertise can provide our customers with a full range of services including functional specifications and requirement documentation, schematics, layout, prototype manufacturing and testing. At the low end, we have designed embedded control systems that employ 8 bit micro-controllers and system interface control logic either in discrete logic or PLD's & PALs.

At higher end, the designs have included 8/16/32 bit microprocessors from almost all the major vendors; Static Ram, Flash Memory, Communication Interface Devices, Display Controllers. Many designs also incorporate multiple controllers with necessary handshaking & using common resources such as memories etc.

Some products are designed using DSP's from TI & Analog Devices for high speed analog signal processing, Math applications & algorithms.

The control logic for each design has been implemented utilizing an appropriate technology, such as PAL's, CPLDs or FPGA's. We can offer Altera, Actel, Xilinx and Quick-Logic FPGA based designs, including converting discrete logic circuits into FPGAs.

Our design expertise span around mixed signals using extensive analog circuits to process high frequency, low level signals & interfacing the same using ADC's up to 16 bits resolutions. The power supplies required for these designs are also designed in-house.

Designs are implemented using multiplayer boards & using SMT & designed to meet various EMI & EMC requirements for high speed mixed signal circuits.

We offer

  • Concept to product realization
  • Board & Reference Board Designs
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Re-engineering obsolescence and cost reduction
eSilicon Labs service for customized hardware development include
  • High-speed Digital Designs
  • Mixed Signal Designs
  • Board Designs
  • DSP & Embedded Processor based Designs
  • FPGA Designs
  • Reference Board/ Design
Our design process ensures
  • Extensive signal integrity, thermal and EMI/EMC analysis
  • Ruggedization for harsh environmental conditions.
  • Conformance to various regulatory standards like CEMILAC, IEC945 etc.
  • Concept to product realization
  • Deliver Manufacturing/Production ready Hardware Prototype
  • Engineering Design Verification Testing
  • Design for manufacturability
  • Re-engineering obsolescence and cost reduction

Our Expertise

eSilicon Labs specializes in the design and development of embedded network and multimedia solutions on Embedded, DSP, and FPGA platforms. Our expertise includes requirement analysis, components selection, circuit design and software programming all the way through to implementation, testing and system integration.

Vision 2018

eSilicon Labs committed to provide minimum 500 highly trained embedded professionals to the Indian Industries by the year 2018. We are enhancing our reach to core Electronics & IT product companies to provide corporate training in Embedded System, Embedded Linux, DSP, VLSI, ARM Processors, Android Mobile Apps.

Vision 2020

eSilicon Labs core focus on IoT, Lighting Things, Smart Media Solutions, and Computer Vision Technologies. eSilicon Labs commuted to release Indian indigenous product solution on IoT, Lighting Things, computer vision based media control & media solution like smart board, smart signage, smart gaming technologies.